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Groupon Information

Your Groupon is for a 30 minuet mini maternity studio session.  5 Digital photos are included.  Dad is welcome in the photos.  Upgrades to larger packages are available for groupon clients only, up to 60% off.  Please bring cash or check to your session if you're upgrading to a larger maternity or a $50 deposit if you're upgrading to include a Newborn session.

Click                          for details on Newborn

Packages and examples.


Maternity upgrades:

Maternity Full Session:

upgrades to a total of 10 digital images

Maternity Plus:

Outdoor Maternity

upgrades to a total of 15 digital images and includes an outdoor location as well as studio.


upgrades to a total of 10 digital images and changes your session from a studio one to an outdoor session.


Discounted Newborn

Newborn Mini:

Newborn Full:

Mini nb Supreme:

Mini nb Plus:

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