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Maternity Photography

Atkins-Johnson Farm and Museum

Blossom Tree

The property is wooded with old buildings.  It is open to the public but 98% of the time I am the only one there so its actually very private and secluded.  The parking lot is right there and usually no one to be seen so you are able to change outfits in the car if needing a full wardrobe change.  

This location has a beautiful purple blossoming tree and a grassy meadow surrounded by tress.  Unfortunately the blossom tree is right beside a gas station that is right beside a major road so there is vertically no privacy and you would have to be comfortable with people all around.  The nearby meadow is pretty secluded for the most part. 

A little creek surrounded by trees and cliffs on either side.  You would have to walk 2 minutes down the path to get there and then have no place to change once there but there is adequatetree and cliff coverage that no one would see us.


Happy Rock Trail

Quick Trip gas station

2590 NE 72nd St,

Gladstone, MO 64118


6607 North Antioch Road,

Gladstone, MO 64119

7600 NE Antioch Rd, Gladstone, MO 64119


WEST SIDE of Antioch Rd

Outdoor sessions are done in the evening
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