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Newborn Session
To Expect

Full Session: 2 - 3 hours.  Mini Session: 1.5-2 hours.  After each pose baby needs to be settled into the next pose.  Babies tend to also eat more during their shoot and we'll need to take breaks to keep them happy and sleepy. 


I do a mixture of naked poses and outfits that I will provide.  


Please let me know baby's weight ahead of time so I can choose outfits that will fit them.

  • ​Baby half fed - you can top off once at my studio, lotion dry skin and clean eyes free of goop.  Give baby 20-40 minutes of awake time before coming.


  • soother - preferably attached to a clip


  • Warm baby blanket


  • Bottle - it makes it easy to top them off while still in their pose


  • Please no extended family

To Bring
Baby and You
To Expect

2.5 - 3 hours.  We'll do mom and dads' photos after baby's individuals are done.

To Wear

Wear light neutral shirts like creams, light tans or white.  Jeans pants either denim or neutral colour.  Maxi skirts work well for women too.


If you are in the photos:  Long sleeves are best but 3/4 can work too.  Dads can do short sleeve if need be


If just your hands are in the photos: sleeves that can be pulled up past the elbow


Baby and Siblings
To Expect

2.5 - 3 hours.  Plan on having siblings arrive once all other photos are done.  There will be a small play area for the kids.  Baby will be swaddled in a wrap unless you have a specific outfit you'd wish to use.  Wraps work well becasue the simplicity makes it easy to see baby amongst siblings


To Wear (Siblings)

Follow the guidlines found here:

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