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Winter Wonderland

I have such wonderful kids to go outside in cold snowy weather so I can take pictures of them as the snow is falling. Now that we have moved back home to Alberta from Texas, I really wanted to get out in the snow and take some winter photos.

I was going to wait until next week when the weather was warmer for the kiddos but then I looked out the window on Saturday afternoon and saw the beautiful large snow flakes falling down and I couldn't resist going out that very moment. I was just going to grab on of the kiddos but three of them all wanted to go. I quickly got them dressed appropriately for awesome looking photos and sat them by the front door. Due to the extreme cold I just took them one at a time just out behind my parents house where the river is.

We bundled up in some warm blankets and headed. Cecily, 3 yrs, lost interest super quick but the older two were really into it. My 5 yr old came up with some pretty cute pose ideas too. She's my little diva!

I think they turned out fantastic and I'm super excited to take some winter photos for others. I have lots more ideas to try out for in the snow!

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